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CozyCush® | Weighted Plushie

CozyCush® | Weighted Plushie

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💤 Improves Sleep

💗 Reduces Anxiety

😊 Promotes Happy Hormones


90-Day Money Back Promise

We are confident that our plushie will provide the stress relief you seek. If, within 90 Days, you don't experience the calming effects as promised, we'll refund your purchase – no questions asked.

How Does It Work?

Weighted Plushies, backed by clinical studies, enhance serotonin and melatonin, reduce cortisol, and alleviate anxiety and insomnia for a naturally therapeutic and calming effect.

What's The Weight?

Standard Plushies are 3lbs

Large Plushies are 6lbs


Sleeping without anxiety has never been so easy...
Our Plushies are perfect for sleep and relaxation. Rated one of the #1 Weighted Plush of 2023, we promise you'll be drifting off to sleep in an instant.
All of our Plushies work just like a weighted blanket, applying reassuring and comforting weight like just like a hug.


Cuddle-Induced Happiness

Cuddle therapy with our plushie releases happy hormones, turning your nights into a sanctuary of joy.

Instant Stress Relief

Day or night, our plushie works wonders, melting away stress in moments

Sweet Dreams Guarantee

Banish restless nights with our Weighted Plushie – wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day!


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  • 1-year Warranty Policy
  • 24/7 Support
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You have questions, we have answers!

How does a weighted plushie work?

A weighted plushie works through deep touch pressure stimulation, which activates the body's natural relaxation response. The added weight provides a comforting and calming effect, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

Are weighted plushies suitable for all ages?

Yes, weighted plushies are generally safe for all ages. However, it's essential to choose an appropriate weight based on the individual's body weight. Consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended for children under three years old.

Can I wash my weighted plushie?

Most weighted plushies come with a removable, machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. However, always check the specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper maintenance.

Are weighted plushies only for sleep aid, or can they be used during the day?

Weighted plushies can be used throughout the day to provide comfort and reduce stress. Whether used for relaxation during work or as a calming companion while reading or watching TV, the benefits extend beyond sleep aid.